18 Apr 2014

github has already become - The Destination (for the developers and the crackers. Think: this). Its a long overdue and finally I am here. And so is my blog. I really find the concept of using jekyll & markdown to create a static blog - very fascinating. I think for the same reasons I like the way the hangouts app shows you till-what-point-in-time-someone-has-read (if you compare that with WhatsApp for instance). disqus can keep a good track of the comments which may ever come.

I will try to post random stuff here and gradually move away from my Wordpress blog. A lot has to be done here - in terms of beautification - and I will incrementally keep adding value to it.

If you still do not have a blog, then a good place to start is the website itself. Additionally you can also fork my site and make changes to it.

jekyll serve -w
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