Why I Got Myself A New Laptop

16 Feb 2015

There were some issues with my Acer 5738 which I had made peace with:

  1. On heavy CPU processing it would get overheated and kernel would panic at 92 degrees and just shutdown to save the hardware from damage. #GoodKernel! On Hangouts it would only survive for 10 minutes or so. Rogue chrome tabs would make it overheat in 15 minutes. The thermal design is a major issue in the Laptop. Even an external cooling fan didn’t do any good.

  2. The inbuilt speakers died long ago. I have been using those portable ones from iBall.

  3. I don’t even remember when the DVD Drive stopped working. USB has really changed the world.

  4. Battery was at 20% capacity and could only keep the laptop alive for 20 minutes (still helpful while you wait for the generator to kick in).

Nothing that couldn’t be lived with. Casual browsing, downloading and watching TV Series - all worked well. But then one day I bought CS:GO and the world wasn’t the same anymore. It didn’t work on my ACER 5738 (CS:S worked pretty well though). So I started looking for a new piece of hardware that would make the world suck a little less.

And I found that beast - Lenovo Y50-70. So much of fire power in the hood… makes me very happy. I am going to start experimenting soon.

Things I plan to do:

  1. Run Virtual Machines (my bhabhi got me a Snow Leapord some time back and now it’s finally time to tame it :D)

  2. Play Games. A lot of them. And enter the world of dedicated graphics card.

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