Good Or Bad

13 Jan 2015

I was recently at a mall with friends and we managed to break an item priced $2. To that - my friends, in choros, said that it is absolutely OK to not pay for it as those stores make a lot of money on us’! And I told them, ‘Well who’s stopping you from making that money?. We should pay for it.’ We just agreed to disagree.

Sometimes, what we consider ‘good’ or ‘right’ is guided by the challenges/experience we have had in this world. In such situations it becomes increasingly difficult to understand other person’s opinion or line of reasoning. We just cannot always call something ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Is it similar to a situation when you talk to someone and he-or-she starts claiming that they heard something you didn’t say? (In the absence of a recording of the said conversation it’s absolutely impossible to determine who is right and who is not)

Recently, we were buying furniture (with another set of friends) and the shopkeeper gave us discounts and requested us to not pay by CARD but pay by CHEQUE/CASH so that they can save some taxes. Tax evasion is a crime. We inadvertently (or not? sympathy doesn’t condone it) became part of it. This time we were talking about a $350 item. Maybe the taxes saved would be in the order of 50$ but does the value of the object make it convenient or inconvenient for you to act correctly?

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