Counter Strike

13 Jan 2015

There was a time in College when I would do everything on GNU/Linux and wouldn’t want to have Windows OS at all. The time when the internet connection was spotty and I would borrow Red Hat Bible from my seniors and install RHEL5 (Fedora came much after) using those silly scratched CDs. But then CounterStrike1.6 happened and I got hooked. After unsuccessfully trying Wine/winetricks to get CS installed on Linux, I finally resorted to dual booting and since that day, I have allowed Windows to live on my PC and thrive. Currently I have - Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and Windows OS installed on that very small 320GB HDD that my 5 years old laptop has.

Things have changed a lot since. Steam has now landed on Linux.

I have always loved playing Counter Strike.

  • RPG, Multiplayer
  • Missions are clearly documented
  • Short games, quick gratification
  • Skill rewarding

Today I played Counter Strike: Source for the very first time and I absolutely loved it. :) Nothing much (other than the graphics) has changed though but it feels new. And it comes with an annoying “Press [F5] Save the moment” after you die. I mean - who would want to cherish their death?

Steam on Linux works so flawless. For some reason Source didn’t work properly on ‘Linux Mint 17 Mate’ for me. There was no video but audio etc was surprisingly OK; the only thing that I could SEE was DARKNESS. Just when I was about to start cursing [the-Nikunj-from-2010] ( - came a sudden brain wave and I rebooted into Windows 8.1! Restored CS:S from the backup, instead of downloading another 3GB of game files and waiting half and hour for its download (Phew! some FUP quota saved)! BTW - I really love it how Linux understands Windows so much better than how Windows does. Ever heard of ext4? Yippie! It worked! But now as much as I know myself - there would a constant effort to fix that Linux bug. I shouldn’t have underestimated the capabilities of my computer. In its defence the game was released in 2004 :P though the game must have seen a lot of changes since. Unlike how I read on some of the reviews online, the gameplay is really smooth on Indian Servers and there are a lot of servers too.

We have come a really long way since our college days and everything has changed drastically. Wouldn’t hurt us if we changed our perspective too. So, I bought CS:1.6 Anthology and CS:Source. And I am just loving it. Nothing has really changed in terms of the game play but it’s just such a nice feeling to do the right thing. You like it even more when you have friends sitting right next to you - learning and playing :)

CS:GlobalOffensive - Heads up!! - I am tracking you down.


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