22 Jul 2015 » Getting Citrix Up And Running On Ubuntu

To solve cert issue: sudo cp -v /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/AddTrust_* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/ read more »

02 Mar 2015 » VM!

Well as I promised myself, now I am running Mac OS X 10.6 - which got upgraded to 10.6.8 (after the combo update) - on VirtualBox on my Windows 8.1 box. It wasn’t a lot of effort. read more »

17 Feb 2015 » Back To Nikunjlahoti Dot Com

I was able to buy it back and now it’s up and linked to this github.io blog. Funny is that I didn’t even enter my CVV :P read more »

16 Feb 2015 » Why I Got Myself A New Laptop

There were some issues with my Acer 5738 which I had made peace with: read more »

08 Feb 2015 » Android 5.0.1 Nexus 4

I was on Android 5. And wasn’t able to install OTA update 5.0.1 because I had changed so many things over time. (Rooted + Multirom + TWRP custom rom) read more »

13 Jan 2015 » Team Viewer

I experienced a lot of issues with Hangouts and then resorted to TeamViewer. read more »

13 Jan 2015 » Good Or Bad

I was recently at a mall with friends and we managed to break an item priced $2. To that - my friends, in choros, said that it is absolutely OK to not pay for it as those stores make a lot of money on us’! And I told them, ‘Well who’s stopping you from making that money?. We should pay for it.’ We just agreed to disagree. read more »

13 Jan 2015 » Counter Strike

There was a time in College when I would do everything on GNU/Linux and wouldn’t want to have Windows OS at all. The time when the internet connection was spotty and I would borrow Red Hat Bible from my seniors and install RHEL5 (Fedora came much after) using those silly scratched CDs. But then CounterStrike1.6 happened and I got hooked. After unsuccessfully trying Wine/winetricks to get CS installed on Linux, I finally resorted to dual booting and since that day, I have allowed Windows to live on my PC and thrive. Currently I have - Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and Windows OS installed on that very small 320GB HDD that my 5 years old laptop has. read more »

26 Apr 2014 » Yay I Am 27 On 27

A lot is happening today. read more »

24 Apr 2014 » Back to the future

Nothing much going on here. read more »

18 Apr 2014 » initialize()

github has already become - The Destination (for the developers and the crackers. Think: this). Its a long overdue and finally I am here. And so is my github.io blog. I really find the concept of using jekyll & markdown to create a static blog - very fascinating. I think for the same reasons I like the way the hangouts app shows you till-what-point-in-time-someone-has-read (if you compare that with WhatsApp for instance). disqus can keep a good track of the comments which may ever come. read more »

...and the other posts created during testing!

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